Garden Design in Twickenham | The Benefits of Artificial Lawns

A growing number of homeowners in the Twickenham area use our landscaping company for the implementation of artificial lawns from Trulawn. A softer landscape that does away with large areas of garden paving can provide the customer with unique end-user benefits. Our landscapers can explain these to you during a free initial survey and consultation, and provide you with artificial grass samples to give you a true feel for the product we use.

Let us revolutionise your garden design with a superior product that looks resplendent across all four seasons and reduces your ongoing maintenance needs.

Please review our previous projects in Twickenham to see how well artificial grass could work for your property.

No Mowing or Major Upkeep

Artificial lawns reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep a garden design in good condition. Homeowners in Twickenham can use the time they save on mowing to relax on their new grass or on an adjacent garden paving installation, such as a patio. A quick sweep, or a spray with a garden hose, keeps the surface clean and primed for continuous use.

Our landscaping company recommends a professional clean once a year.

Excellent Aesthetics

Even the most skilled landscapers can’t keep a genuine lawn in great condition when the seasons turn. The summer causes real grass to yellow and the impact of foot traffic from children can leave unsightly bare patches. Add in the impact from pets digging or soiling on real grass and it’s easy to see why artificial lawns make an attractive choice for garden designs.

The product might be “fake”, but the aesthetics of your Twickenham property won’t be!

A Realistic Appearance

Technological advances in artificial grass make it look more like the real thing and, because our landscapers use products from Trulawn, our implementations have a more authentic feel too. Some properties are less than ideal for garden paving because a harder landscape present more challenges for the elderly and can impact younger limbs if children fall.

Artificial lawns provide a safer surface with very few compromises in how the surface looks and feels.

Safe for Children

Plan your garden design with the children in mind and let them run around freely without concerns over their safety. Artificial lawns provide Twickenham gardens with a cushioned play surface thanks to the aggregates, the grano sand and the shock pads laid underneath them by our landscaping company – something that we can’t achieve with hard garden paving.

Children absorb those inevitable trips and falls easily and, as well as saving on the maintenance, parents also save on the costs of bandages and plasters too!