Landscaping Company in Teddington | Design Ideas for a Children’s Garden

James Larkin Landscapes Ltd is the landscaping company to trust for garden design ideas that teach and stimulate children. The landscapers on our team understand how children respond to colour, to scent and to texture. At the same time, they know that a garden must be a safe environment. While it is entirely possible to incorporate garden paving and hard materials into a design for your Teddington property, our company must sometimes think in terms of a softer landscape.

An alluring and inviting children’s landscape can capture a young imagination. Using selected flowers and even artificial lawns, our landscapers can introduce a safe garden design that caters for children yet still fulfils your own sense of ownership and responsibility.

Whimsical Garden Designs

For a quaint, fanciful appearance and a garden design that borders on the whimsical, use bold colours in the planting and the architecture. Let the children make small statues using safe materials and stakes, placing them in different parts of your Teddington garden. Use light flagstones for garden paving and leave the children to be artistic with some chalk, which will wash away easily come the next period of rainfall

You can even use our landscaping company for fun yet safe water features, small garden benches, captivating garden lighting and pinwheels.

Keep the planting neat but informal, using our landscapers for snapdragons, ornamental grass and wildflowers which attract butterflies in the summer. Even artificial lawns can provide a whimsical greenery to inspire children, turning your Teddington home into an adventure zone that keeps them away from the gadgets and outside in the fresh air.

Alternatives to a whimsical style include themed garden designs based around children’s passions or their favourite characters, and which tie in with school study units as they begin to grow. A sensory garden from our landscapers offers unique aromas through planting and alluring textures with safe artificial lawns instead of garden paving– a perfect choice for younger children and a more practical garden design option for those with disabilities.

James Larkin Landscapes has the scope and the skills required to create stunning children’s gardens in Teddington built to the way you and your family choose to live.