Landscapers in Teddington, Twickenham and the Surrounding Areas

It is best to describe landscaping as a process, one that takes an existing garden design and transforms it through the additions of lawns, planting schemes, borders and ornamental features. The soft landscaping elements tend to be changeable whereas the hard landscaping elements are permanent features. James Larkin Landscapes Ltd is an established landscaping company from Ashford that can transform your outdoor space.

We have a skilled, trained and reliable team of landscapers with a great eye for detail, and an excellent reputation built on the highest standards of workmanship.

Our credentials as a landscaping company, reinforced in the glowing testimonials we receive from customers and clients in Hampton, Kingston, Richmond, Teddington and Twickenham, owe everything to our 15+ years of experience in the garden design and implementation process.

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Working to the Creative Aspirations of the Client

Our inspirations come from the creative aspirations of our South London, Middlesex, Surrey and Hampshire clients. The development of a landscaping theme always starts with an idea. It is the responsibility of our garden design team, and our landscapers, to interpret creative concepts, and to use their skills to bring the visions of the client to life.

It is also the responsibility of our landscaping company to provide a comprehensive range of services, and to deliver them to a standard that meets and exceeds client expectations.

James Larkin Landscapes offers the following landscaping services:

To achieve the perfect landscape, our team combines skills in horticulture, lawn care and construction. Horticulture plays a pivotal role in the establishment and cultivation of bulbs, shrubs, hedges and turf, the latter of which also combines with lawn care to create a green centrepiece for the garden design. What is noticeable here is these features all change with the seasons.

They are not permanent and are part of the softscape.

Construction comes into play when our landscapers build features which are permanent, such as garden paving and brickwork. We refer to these elements as the hardscape, but this doesn’t limit the garden design to what most people think of as hard materials. Indeed, the hardscape can include timber in its design through the integration of fencing and decking.

A landscaping company must realise the creative aspirations of its Hampton, Kingston, Richmond, Teddington and Twickenham clients to achieve the perfect softscape and hardscape blend, one that ties in with the theme of the property and with the surrounding environment.